DKH Ha Noi Co.Ltd

DKH Hanoi Co., Ltd is founded in 2016, as a provider of software for OTC distributors. Operated by experts with more than 10 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry, especially the OTC market, DKH Hanoi promises to bring customers the best quality services.

At DKH Hanoi, customers will be provided with services:

  • Build on-demand software for OTC distributors

Since 2017, DKH Hanoi has opened a department to develop software and smartphone applications specific to OTC pharmaceutical companies. The purpose is to replace the traditional way of management and marketing in Vietnamese pharmaceutical market. Unlike other common CRM software/applications which are made for every kind of goods, DKH Hanoi’s software/application is optimized for pharmaceuticals OTC distributors only. It provides a way to keep customer data secret and is customized for each OTC distributor. Plus, its Marketing function, which is the advantage of DKH Hanoi, makes it different from all the rest. All makes DKH Hanoi’s software/application become a unique tool for any Vietnamese pharmaceutical distributors or any foreign one who wants to exploit this market.

  • Consulting Marketing plan with OTC distribution software

Having a team of experts with years working in the pharmaceutical industry, DKH Hanoi can consult customers with their personal marketing plan. Being a provider of OTC distribution software, DKH Hanoi can help customers develop marketing plan matching existing software/applications.